• Inspection Inspection

    Team Engineering brings decades of qualified experience, honesty and integrity to every inspection we conduct.

  • Inspection Design

    We are trained problem solvers that deliver creative, effective and practical design solutions.

  • Inspection Consulting

    We provide expert and investigative engineering services to property owners and industry professionals.


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Building Engineering Services

“Team Engineering is the one-stop-shop for any building engineering services you might need.”

We solve problems. The Professional Engineers, Architects, Home Inspectors and Consultants at Team Engineering bring you decades of expertise in building inspection and design. Our clientele are diverse including homeowners, property managers, condominium associations, insurance companies, attorneys, architects, designers, contractors, building owners and buyers. Our objectives typically include:

  1. To help our clients to better understand their buildings through inspection and consulting services
  2. To prioritize repair and improvement objectives
  3. To design solutions that improve the efficiency and structural integrity of building components

Planning For The Future. At Team Engineering, we have over 20 years of building inspection and design experience to help you to predict needed improvements regarding your building. We have the building inspection service designed to meet your specific needs.

Partners In Construction. Our Team provides engineering and design services for our colleagues in the building trades as well. These clients include architects, designers, builders, remodeling contractors and developers. We review and refine construction plans that need an engineer’s signature and seal in addition to providing structural or repair designs.

Engineering Trust. Our clients rely on us to provide honest and impartial advice.

At Team Engineering, we are passionate about what we do. Trust us on your next project!

Testimonials Holder

Greta J., Concord, NH

I want to thank Team Engineering for the extraordinary assistance provided me in performing the home inspection for my new home in Concord. Not only did your team squeeze your schedule to accommodate my purchase contract, but you spent every minute I needed to ensure I understood… I’ve been on... Read More
Greta J.,
Concord, NH

Megan T., Manchester, NH

My husband Dennis and I would like to thank you and your team for providing a great inspection. We were very impressed by how “in depth” the inspection was. The attention to detail that was performed really helped ease some of the fears of the “unknowns” of buying a house... Read More
Megan T.,
Manchester, NH

Sean D., Bedford, NH

Our engineer, Terry Terry, was incredibly thorough in his assessment of our future home and the report provided by the company not only gave us an in-depth assessment of the home, but also outlined an easily understandable maintenance plan for us to follow to ensure that the home remains in... Read More

Sean D.,
Bedford, NH

Greta J., Concord, NH

This isn’t my first home – I’ve relocated more than once; this is my fourth home purchase. Yet this is the first time I feel that I truly understand the basics of the house’s structure, strengths and weaknesses. As an aging, single homeowner, home maintenance with this purchase is a... Read More

Greta J.,
Concord, NH

Mary Skoby Cowan, Cowan and Zellers Real Estate Professionals, LLC

In this ever-changing real estate environment, it is essential to minimize the "surprise" factor in each transaction. It is important to understand the strengths and the weaknesses of each property that you, as a new homeowner may be considering. Team Engineering takes a holistic approach to their property inspections, in... Read More

Mary Skoby Cowan,
Cowan and Zellers Real Estate Professionals, LLC

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