Environmental Site Assessments

At Team Engineering, we provide environmental assessments. Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) are for our commercial clients looking to buy a property to determine potential liability related to environmental pollution.  We also provide environmental screening for residential clients looking for a particular environmental contaminant.esa

Environmental Site Assessments (for commercial properties) are usually done as part of the pre-purchase evaluation process for commercial, retail and industrial properties. In a Phase I ESA, Team Engineering can determine if there are recognized environmental conditions, as defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are potential sources of soil and groundwater.

A Phase I ESA addresses the “All-Appropriate Inquiry” aspect of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERLA- a.k.a. Superfund).  In plain language, these are rules & guidelines that are put in place to protect persons or businesses seeking to purchase commercial real estate. Without a properly performed Phase I ESA, if a commercial property is purchased without knowledge of existing environmental hazards, the new owner is liable for remedying the environmental hazards that exist on that property and/or impacted down-gradient properties.  A property buyer receives protections under CERLA with a Phase I ESA that satisfies “All Appropriate Inquiry” performed prior to purchase.

While the ESA is primarily performed to look at sources of pollution to the soil and groundwater.  the ESA can also assess business risk for building contaminants such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mercury, and PCBs.  If you are concerned about these or similar business risks, then speak with our Team to develop a scope that meets your concerns.

Combined Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)/Property Condition Assessments (PCA) It only makes sense for the ESA and PCA to be performed by the same due-diligence Team.  The ESA is performed to look at sources and impacts of pollution.  The PCA is performed to look at building issues, upgrades, and maintenance.  A comprehensive understanding of the property, buildings and grounds, is gained with combined assessments, and gained at a lower cost than if the assessments are performed by separate entities. Property Condition Assessments


Nancy Nichols and her colleagues were outstanding from the start.

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Connie May

Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job.

I've had recurrent problems with ice dams and ceiling leaks since 2008. Because previous repairs were unsuccessful in preventing recurrences I asked Team Engineering to analyze the problem and recommend solutions. Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job. They thoroughly analyzed the problem and suggested solutions. They then helped... Read More

Strong rapport with Team Engineering

Lockatong Engineering Inc. has been working together with Team Engineering for several years on Photovoltaic Solar Array Systems. John Turner and his team are responsible for field inspections, field reports and evaluation and review of drawings sets in accordance with local plan review officials and regulatory code requirements. His team... Read More
Robert Roop,
Lockatong Engineering Inc

Brian listened closely to our desires

We recently moved to New Hampshire and bought an old farmhouse that needed some renovation.  Because our house was built in 1775 we wanted to incorporate modern living aspects while respecting the age of the house.  This was a great challenge as the house is “quirky” in many ways.  Brian... Read More
Christy & Josh Nathan

Nancy is very knowledgeable

I have used Nancy on several projects and Reserve Studies and not only myself but the Board of Directors that I work with have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.  She is very knowledgeable, concise and her reports and clear and easy to read and understand.  I would highly recommend her... Read More

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