Engineered Building Survey

We understand commercial real estate investors do not want to be deluged with crowded pages of triviality in a report – they want information with horsepower.  Investors want information they can use to make a deal happen.  Information that will control expenses, avoid headaches and stimulate growth.

With this in mind, we offer an “Engineered Building Survey” (EBS).  The EBS is a cost-effective service that gives investors the power of experience and engineering expertise on a building site for a preliminary examination of property.

The basic element of a Team Engineering EBSTM have been earned through years of study and collaboration with long-time real estate investor colleagues.  The horsepower punches in from the additional information we include in the service.  Every report receives a projection of capital expenditures.  The projections identify capital expenditures costs and sets a general guideline forecast for the timing of your expenditures.  We can also drill down on specific issues, if necessary.  We can bring in independent experts to enhance the details that you want to know.   Our independent experts can closely examine specific issues like HVAC, Structure, Fire Protection, Septic, Electrical and all facets of the building envelope.

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Property Condition Assessments

This service covers all aspects of a full “Property Condition Assessment” (PCA), but not to the detail of the ASTM Standard.  We include initial evaluations of the following:

  •  Site – Drainage, Parking, Landscaping
  • Envelope – Exterior, Windows, Doors, Roofing, Insulation, Loading Docks
  • Structural – Foundation, Floor Framing, Roof Framing
  • Mechanical – Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation
  • Electrical – Service, Distribution, Lighting
  • Plumbing – Water Source and Disposal Methods, Hot Water Production, Bathrooms, Fixtures
  • Interior – Finish Materials
  • Life Safety – Fire Detection/Notification/Suppression, Egress,
  • Accessibility – Parking, Accessible

If you have a specific issue that you want leverage on, contact us.  We want to help.

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I highly recommend!

I worked with Brian Hansen. He is extremely professional and was very innovative in finding solutions to issues I was having. I highly recommend him! Working with the rest of his company was enjoyable as well.... Read More

They listen

Besides being qualified, skilled, and professional, Team Engineering is focused.  They listen. John turner and Dan Martel must have dozens of appointments and work lined up every day. But when they meet with you, they are focused on doing the best job possible for whatever problem you hand them.  And... Read More
Deborah Dearborn

Saved us from a possible money pit!

Brian Hansen came out to look at a house I almost bought.  His knowledge and written account of what he saw showed my wife and I that maybe this was not the house for us.  After Brian inspected the foundation on short notice, he sent us a report within a... Read More
Daniel Ellsworth

Nancy Nichols and her colleagues were outstanding from the start.

After researching three other engineering firms, our neighborhood association hired Team Engineering to prepare a capital survey for us. We made the right decision. Nancy Nichols and her colleagues were outstanding from the start. They kept in contact with us on a regular basis throughout the process. Nancy spent an entire... Read More
Connie May

Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job.

I've had recurrent problems with ice dams and ceiling leaks since 2008. Because previous repairs were unsuccessful in preventing recurrences I asked Team Engineering to analyze the problem and recommend solutions. Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job. They thoroughly analyzed the problem and suggested solutions. They then helped... Read More

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